So, you want to do something for your local environment? Welcome to the right place!

We are all dependent on the natural world (yes, even those of us who live in cities!) but it isn’t just a one-way process of take take take. We rely on the natural world and for the most part, the natural world relies on us to play our part, whether it be in resource use and selection or simply cherishing the fact that it is there.

All landscapes in Britain are now, arguably, semi-natural, that is, shaped by human action. Most landscapes and habitats are also largely derelict. We don’t spend the time and effort maintaining the joyous outdoor spaces that we have and as a consequence, they and the wildlife that depends on them, are disappearing at a rate of knots.

Woodlands, grasslands, ponds & rivers – quintessential British landscapes all but, they need some human interaction and this is where the SNCV come in. The SNCV, although small, has a large impact on the nature reserves of Sutton. Working closely with the London Borough of Sutton Biodiversity Team, we help to maintain and improve sites for both public access & enjoyment, as well as the animals and plants that call these green spaces home.

Inspired to make a difference to where you live? Have a look at the task programme and see what is coming up you can get involved with. Fell free to have a chat by dropping us a line at sncvvolunteers@hotmail.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “Volunteering

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  2. I am interested in volunteering. I love nature and I would like to join the team. Please let me know if it’s the possibility to be a volunteer.
    Kind regards
    Wanda Bialoglowa


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