Become a nature conservation volunteer with the SNCV and support the wildlife on Sutton’s doorstep!

So you want to do something for your local environment? Welcome to the right place. You can start your volunteer journey with us in two simple steps:

  1. Read on to find out more about what we do
  2. Get in touch using the form below.

Volunteers raking hay on Roundshaw Downs

Sutton nature conservation volunteering – why it matters

We are all dependent on the natural world  – yes, even those of us who live in cities. It isn’t just a one-way process of take take take, either. The natural world also relies on us to play our part, whether it be in resource use and selection or simply cherishing the fact that it is there.

All landscapes in Britain are now, arguably, semi-natural, or shaped by human action. Most landscapes and habitats are also largely derelict. We don’t spend enough time and effort to maintain the joyous outdoor spaces that we have. The result? Those outdoor spaces – and the wildlife that depends on them – are quickly disappearing.

Sutton’s wildlife needs YOU

Woodlands, grasslands, ponds & rivers – these quintessential British landscapes all need some human interaction and this is where the SNCV come in. As an SNCV volunteer you’ll have a real impact on the nature reserves of Sutton. Working closely with the London Borough of Sutton Biodiversity Team, we help to maintain and improve sites for public access & enjoyment. Very importantly, our work also benefits the animals and plants that call these green spaces home.

What could you be doing as a volunteer?

The activities you’ll take part in are incredibly varied. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, discover nature on your doorstep in a whole new way, and make a real difference to the wild plants and animals of Sutton.

Example Sutton nature conservation volunteer activities:

  • Hedgelaying
  • Coppicing
  • Scrub clearance
  • Fence construction
  • Planting and plant care
  • Summertime ecological surveys to see the positive impact we’re having on local plants and animals

Tasks are run on the following days:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – volunteering around the borough
  • Wednesdays – volunteer days at Sutton Ecology Centre
  • Monthly – task days at Sutton Ecology Centre on Sundays.

Please see the task programme for further details, and take a look at what you need to volunteer.

Want to volunteer? Get in touch.

Inspired to make a difference to where you live? Feel free to have a chat by dropping us a line at sncvvolunteers@hotmail.co.uk, or use the form below.

Once you get in touch with us to register your interest in volunteering, we will arrange for you to attend an induction hosted by the biodiversity team.


3 thoughts on “Volunteer

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  2. I am interested in volunteering. I love nature and I would like to join the team. Please let me know if it’s the possibility to be a volunteer.
    Kind regards
    Wanda Bialoglowa


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