How London is shifting the nature debate

Interesting thoughts on valuation of the natural environment and how it links / resonates with people. Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers will be, in part, discussing such themes on Tuesday 23 Feb at our next meeting, where we will hear from Nick Dovey of Sutton Council about MySutton and what message(s) we may wish for Nick to promote in the interactive MySutton space. We hope that you will join us to listen and think on what Nick says and how we can all work to promote the value of nature. Get in touch for more details

Inside track

Vauxhall Pocket Park Piazza 2 credit Vauxhall OneThis post is by Peter Massini, principal policy officer – green infrastructure, at the Greater London Authority. He writes here in a personal capacity.

The natural environment sector shares a general aim: the protection, conservation and improvement of nature. It has had some notable successes, mainly relating to the protection and enhancement of the most special parts of the natural environment. But, despite the array of policies, protocols and projects the sector has helped to develop and deliver, most of us would admit we haven’t been as successful as we would have liked. Most indicators show many UK habitats and species continuing to decline.

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