Ever decreasing circles… the Government appear ignorant of their failure to protect our ancient woods

Yet more faffing and lack of interest by Her Majesty’s Government on just one aspect of UK nature and wildlife! #greenestgovernmenteverLOL

Woodland Matters

Our recently launched campaign urges Government to increase protection for our irreplaceable ancient woodland. It is aimed at David Cameron and identifies eight low or no cost measures that could quickly be put in place to set this in motion. We are not asking for something that the Government are opposed to, we are simply asking them to deliver the goods on their own stated policy positions.

The eight key asks include these two:

  • Government (Defra) to complete and extend the Natural England Ancient Woodland Inventory
  • Government (Defra) to address the information gap, as there is currently no central database and no recent analysis of the amount of ancient woodland being lost year on year

The whole issue of destruction of our ancient woods was catapulted into the public spotlight again recently through the controversy sparked by media reports that Owen Paterson (Secretary of State for the Environment) appeared content…

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