Annual Navel Gazing

Ah, the paperless office!

Ah, the paperless office!

All organisations need to reflect on the past year’s successes and failures and plan for the future. The Sutton Nature Conservations Volunteers are no exception and we’ll be mulling over the last year as well as plotting a bright new future. We invite all interested in the governing of the charity to attend the Annual General Meeting to help influence the direction of the SNCV. Join us on Tuesday 12th November, 19:30 at Sutton Ecology Centre and then for a drink afterwards…

We’re recruiting for new Trustees (simply send us an email if you want  to be considered with your name, address and reason for wishing to stand), as well as new positions on the Executive Committee:

We have three exciting positions available, Treasurer (to deal with finances), Marketing & Promotions Officer (to promote the SNCV as a local voice for nature) and a Web Master (to run and increase our online presence). Click on each link to view the PDF for each position. The closing date to submit your interest is Friday 1st November 2013.

For an informal chat on any of the positions, please call Dave on 020 8770 4203 or email


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