Coffee morning @ All Saints Churchyard

Local residents involved

Local residents involved

This morning before the dismal rain started to pour, the Biodiversity Gardens team headed over to All Saints churchyard in Hackbridge for a coffee morning to meet local residents to discuss plans for the church grounds. The Grounds Project, a small team of people keen on improving and making use of the green space surrounding the church, have been working with the Biodiversity Gardens project to improve the area for wildlife. In 2012, we conducted a survey of their grounds and came up with a management plan for the area as well as hosting 2 BioBlitz events at the church with local schools.

Now, the Biodiversity Gardens project is providing funding for a notice board for the church to encourage people to enter the grounds freely and make use of the space. There is also possibility for small patches of wildflower meadow to be created in the next month. The grounds include a range of habitats including mature isolated trees, hedgerow, vegetable plots, compost heaps and animal homes/feeders. Be sure to pop in if you are passing the area!

If you would like to know more about making good use of public spaces, then send your enquiries to

Robin Searle,

Biodiversity Assistant.


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